Feet.  Not the prettiest part of the body and one that I have always been embarressed about.  I don’t like my feet.   I rarely wear sandals.  My sister always said I have “french fry toes” and they are bent and lay sideways and are just ugly.  But hey!  Feet support me.  Let me run and bike and swim and ski.

Since last September’s Equinox marathon when my left foot cramped up so bad I had to stop for awhile and then limped the last 8 miles to the finish line, my feet have been cramping.  I haven’t been able to run much as I would get a couple of miles and that feeling would come back.  I thought it was a stress fracture, but finally went to a doctor at Sports Medicine Fairbanks for x rays and consultation.  Nothing on the x rays except for enlarged sesamoid bones in both feet.  The doc thought orthotics might solve my problem.  So $640 later I trudged to the orthotics doc.  He looked at me and said “I’m going to save you a lot of money” and didn’t recommend orthotics.  He wasn’t super sure what was going on and now I don’t think the doc at Sports Medicine really knows what is going on with my severe cramping….

So for now it was recommended to try inserts that I can buy at Beaver Sports and see if they make a difference.

Seems that as we get older the “fat pads” in the bottom of our feet start to lessen and disappear.  (Too bad the fat pads around the rest of our body don’t disappear with age).  This lessens the cushioning and the toes start to move closer together thus putting more pressure on the tendons.  So with the inserts, they help the foot to spread out a little more and takes the tension off the tendons.   This could be causing my cramping.    So I am thankful to the orthotics people for the $20 charge and the suggestion. 

We will see what happens in the next several weeks with my feet.  I’m signed up to run the Beat Beethoven 5K this Saturday.  I haven’t run on pavement since last year.  Will be interesting to see if I truly can beat Beethove this year with no cramping.

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